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Removing everything law firms hate about working with marketing companies. 

No Contracts

month-to-month agreements

Only Law Firms

We work exclusively with law firms

Local Exclusivity

We don't work with your competition

Direct Access

Your sole contact is an owner of Phase

Own Everything

Own your website, don't rent it

Simple Reporting

Clear progress updates

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Investing in SEO is to own the first page of Google instead of renting it. This is how you maximize your local market share online.

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Google Ads is perfect for a smaller firm looking to get cases quickly. It is also a great way to grow to afford an SEO campaign.

Law Firm Case Studies


The Phase Law Formula™️

Get Found + Build Trust = Maximum Cases

Other agencies focus on getting your law firm ranked on Google, but ranking alone doesn't get you cases. It only gets you found. It's the combination of getting found on the first page of Google and building trust with your market everywhere on the internet that turns a page 1 result into maximizing quality cases.

Law Firm Only

We Work Exclusively
With Law Firms

A "jack of all trades" marketing agency is a master of none. That's why you need an agency that has mastered the legal industry.


After years of partnering with lawyers to grow their firms, We've helped create market leaders in some of the most competitive cities in the U.S. 

No Contracts

We'll Earn Your Business Every Month

Some agencies like to lock law firms into long-term contracts. If you want to stop working together, we'll let you do that. No strings attached. 


Month-to-month agreements give you the freedom to do what is best for your firm. Our 100% client retention rate is earned by the quality of our work, not because of predatory contracts.


Local Exclusivity

The Competitive Advantage That's Only Yours

Some agencies work with any lawyer that comes their way. We see this as a massive conflict of interest. We limit who we work with by both city and practice areas to guarantee that we are your exclusive partner and you are our local champion.

"Phase Marketing was not only professional, but extraordinarily effective in the online promotion of my business. They were the most positive aspect of the work involved in launching a marketing campaign."

Greg K.

Estate Lawyer

Direct Access

Owner-To-Lawyer Direct Communication

No more swapping between clueless account reps. You'll meet an owner of Phase from day one who will be your sole contact for the life of your law firm.


You'll have his direct line and can call/text anytime. In the entire year of 2020, we only missed four calls from our clients. You will never have to chase down an answer.

Own Everything

Invest In A Digital Asset You Own

Some agencies build websites on proprietary platforms, which means if you leave them, you don't have a website or any of the work you paid for.


When you work with us, we build everything in your name and on a universally supported platform that you own for the life of your law firm.


Simple Reporting

Get Reports Without All The Technical Jargon

You're an expert in the law, not Google's algorithm. That's why we find the balance between sharing useful info without overwhelming you with bloated technical jargon.

Campaign progress is shared simply, clearly, and frequently. An owner of Phase will personally make regular reports in both video and document formats.

A Marketing Company You Can Be Confident In.

Trusted To Deliver Quality Cases In The Most Competitive Cities.

Columbus, OH


increase in monthly cases

Des Moines, IA


increase in SEO traffic

Lexington, KY

PPC conversion rate


Lock Us Down In Your City


Increase Your Revenue


Track Your Performance


Grow Your Law Firm

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