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Ranking ≠ Cases

Ranking + Trust = Cases

Without trust, ranking on Google doesn't matter. Why? No one hires a lawyer they don't trust. Don't hire an SEO team that will only do half the job.

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Why The Most Trusted Firm Wins Every Time

People hire lawyers to help them navigate a legal issue they don't understand when their life and money is on the line. Since the stakes are so high, the most important thing they're looking for is a lawyer on their side that they can trust.

Just because your law firm is on the first page of Google, it does not mean you are the most trustworthy lawyer online. It requires a great reputation, prestige, and proven expertise.


Phase One: Get Found

Get Found By Ranking

Your competitors have been paying for SEO for years, and you need to catch up. That leaves you with two options: outpay the competition, or outsmart them to catch up. We've built a system that allows you to get multiple years of quality SEO work in one year or less.

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Legal Writers

Content For Google To Know You

Google needs to understand exactly who you are before they can put you on page 1. That requires detailed website copy, and thorough legal blogging that shows Google you're a law firm.

We have a team of expert legal writers that create accurate content on your behalf that costs 3x less than the industry average.


Legal Authority

Links That Prove You're The Best

Google knows you're a lawyer, but they don't know you're the best. To prove you are the best, you need to associate your law firm with sites that are already trusted by Google.

By only working with law firms, we're able to leverage our network to get the highest quality links that cost 4x less than the industry average.


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Personal Injury Law Firm

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Phase Two: Build Trust

Trust Turns Ranking Into Cases

Other SEO agencies focus on getting your law firm ranked on Google, but ranking alone doesn't get you cases. It only gets you found. It's the combination of ranking and trust that gives people confidence they can rely on you with their case.

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Press & Awards

Gain Local Prestige

With Media Coverage

People need to be confident you can handle their case. If they saw you in major media outlets receiving elite legal awards, they're convinced they can trust you with their legal problem.

Our clients have been featured in exclusive media placements like the Associated Press, Yahoo Finance, and Google News.


Share Your Knowledge

Amplify Your Expertise Through Education

When someone has a legal issue, they need a legal expert. If you're educating people on the law, they see you as the expert. The problem is you don't have time to write blogs all day.

Our team finds the questions people are asking that no one is answering. We then cover those topics in detail, 100% accurate and done for you.

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Custom Review Software

Get More Reviews To Boost Your Reputation

Trust is hard to gain and easy to lose. With 93% of people reading reviews before deciding to hire a law firm, the quantity and quality of feedback is critical to how you are perceived.

Our free review software will help you get 5-star reviews on Google, BBB, and Avvo while filtering bad reviews before they make it online.

Conversion Rate Increase With Trust


5% Conversion Rate

When you gain prestige, amplify your trust, and boost your reputation you get more cases. These are not websites built for the Google algorithm, they're built for real people in your city that need your help.

When you leverage the power of trust, you convert 3x more leads than the competition. 


18% Conversion Rate


Local Exclusivity

The Competitive Advantage That's Only Yours

To keep our proprietary formula working, we have to limit who we work with. That means you'll be one of a select few that have access to the strategy that's worked in the most competitive cities in America.

Stop Spending Too Much, Or Not Enough.

How do you choose between the SEO agency that charges $100/mo, and the other with a $15,000/mo minimum fee? Well the truth is, no agency should be telling you how much it cost to get the job done without looking at your local competition.

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