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Phase Law Formula™️

Get Found + Build Trust = Maximum Cases

Most legal PPC campaigns focus on getting the cost per click lower. We focus on getting cost per client lower by using The Phase Law Formula™, which scientifically builds trust to give people confidence they can rely on you with their case. 


Synced Client Experience

Be The Legal Solution At Every Phase

Our legal PPC marketing team synchronizes the client experience based on what people are searching on Google, the text of your Google ad, and the text of the landing page. This presents your law firm as the solution for their legal problem at every stage of the client journey.

Filter Every Click

Hide Your Ad From Time Wasters

We make sure that people looking to waste your time instead of hiring you never see your ads. Our team can do this by targeting the Google searches that are more likely to make you money and exclude the ones that don’t. By finding the perfect balance between the keyword value and keyword cost, you'll get the maximum amount of quality cases for your budget.


Phase Marketing was not only professional, but extraordinarily effective in the online promotion of my business. They were the most positive aspect of the work involved in launching a marketing campaign.

Kazen Law Firm


Clicks Into Profits

Amplify Trust To Maximize Cases

After aggressively studying the legal industry and testing many landing pages over 3 years, we’ve discovered how to address people's concerns, reinforce their beliefs, and justify their emotions to turn clicks into profits. That’s why our pages convert 3x better than the industry average.

Click Fraud Protection

Protect Your Budget Against Competitors

In the legal industry, there are always going to be bad actors. We block your competitors from clicking on your ads and costing you more money. By blocking IP addresses and bots from clicking on your ad too much, we are able to protect your marketing budget from fraudulent activity.


Hands-Off PPC Campaigns

PPC Management That You'll Never Have To Worry About Again

  • Manual Bid Optimizations

  • PPC Call Tracking

  • Automatic Bid Optimizations

  • Traffic Quality Improvements

  • Keyword Match Selections

  • ROI Conversion Tracking

  • Quality Score Improvements

  • Display Campaign Targeting

  • A/B Ad/Image Split Testing

  • Analytics Improvements

  • Keyword Expansion

  • Creative Ad Copywriting

  • Dynamic Copy Testing

  • Bid Modifiers

  • Competitor Landscaping

  • Geo-Targeting Improvements

  • Negative Keyword Additions

  • Day Parting Improvements

  • Image Ad Creation

  • Ad Extension Granularity

  • Single Keyword Ad Groups

  • YouTube Campaign Refinement

  • Keyword Tapering Ad Groups

  • Split Testing

  • Retargeting Campaign Tactics

  • New Beta Releases


Local Exclusivity

The Competitive Advantage That's Only Yours

To keep our proprietary formula working, we have to limit who we work with. That means you'll be one of a select few that have access to the strategy that's worked in the most competitive cities in America.

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