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#1 SEO For Personal Injury Lawyers: Get Cases From Google

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How We Grow Your Law Firm

Advantages of SEO for Personal Injury Lawyers

For those who still aren't sure if they should hire Phase Marketing, here are the benefits of working with an SEO professional:

  • Long-term investment with rewards - Law firms rarely see recurring value from personal injury victims. Clients don't continue hiring the firm year after year. Therefore, there must be a constant flow of new leads, and SEO visibility is crucial here. Get targeted traffic for many years from one campaign.

  • Level the Playing Field - A high revenue doesn't guarantee visibility online. Therefore, solo and small companies can compete with bigger ones in the area. This is something Phase Marketing has done before and continues to do over and over!

  • Easily Measured Results - It's important to measure ROI from advertisements, but it's so much easier to undertake an SEO campaign because it helps with keyword tracking and web tracking.


For those lawyers who are tired of not seeing new clients, it's time to work with the professionals at Phase Marketing. Call to request a custom quote today!

What Phase Marketing Offers Personal Injury Lawyers

Phase Marketing can elegantly customize a website for a personal injury lawyer, allowing them to choose between various layouts and color schemes. This team handles the rest. Then, it implements the right SEO strategy to showcase the experience of the personal injury lawyer within the market, and the content editors create authoritative content to catch potential clients and inform them.

The personal injury lawyer must provide relevant and valuable information to prove that they know what to do. In this industry, everything focuses on credibility.


Personal injury SEO cannot fool search engines. With Phase Marketing's SEO strategies, it's possible to have local SEO for personal injury companies that uses the knowledge and experience of the team to connect the personal injury lawyer at that firm to those who need legal services. Instead of giving a jump with Google Analytics data, Phase Marketing focuses on law firm SEO that gets injury victims to the attorney through the SEO campaign.

When clients get to the website, attorney SEO establishes credibility. Regardless of how well the site ranks on search engines, clicks don't turn to leads if the content doesn't focus on the clients and their needs.

Advantages of SEO for Personal Injury Lawyers

Phase Marketing understands this industry inside and out and is confident that establishing trust is the key to converting clicks to practice area pages into business. That is why clients get original content that doesn't use keyword stuffing and is comprehensive and readable to access the target audience.

The goal here is to generate leads with proper keyword research to establish an online presence. Attorney SEO isn't putting a YouTube video up that no one watches. YouTube is a great place to get unique visitors with thousands of potentials. Videos increase traffic to the company website, and stats show that they can generate leads effortlessly. In fact, the internet marketing method Phase Marketing uses ensures that videos are used on the site to attract more search results and local searches!

Most law firms feel that their web presence is good enough, but they want a few more ideas. Phase Marketing can assist. The team offers website audits for law firms to check the success of the current SEO campaigns. With that, firms that need additional ideas for their strategies are sure to appreciate what Phase Marketing can do.

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