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Estate Planning Attorney Marketing Tips for Law Firms

The estate planning business is booming- and not only for those who practice law specifically in this niche. Professionals with a variety of financial and legal backgrounds are all in the game. Effective estate planning attorney marketing is essential to promote a firm's brand and generate new business.

When creating a marketing plan, there are many aspects an estate planning practice can consider and implement to drive traffic towards their legal services and secure new clients.

Below are some of the best modern marketing solutions for service pages and providers and some tips on how estate planning law firms can best use them to their benefit.

Estate Planning Marketing in a Nutshell

Estate Planning Marketing in a Nutshell

  • Attorneys must set themselves aside from the other professionals offering assistance in this area.

  • Digital marketing is the most valuable tool in an estate planning lawyer's kit.

  • Regional interest is important- never underestimate the value of the home crowd.

  • Be active- sitting on the sidelines does not win clients and it does not build a brand.

  • Keep content interesting and relevant.

  • Get creative and use all the available tools to create a well-rounded marketing campaign that targets exactly the right people.

  • Hire a professional marketing strategist to get the most out of the potential.

Why Is Marketing Important for Estate Planning Attorneys?

A strong marketing strategy can take any business to a new level: a law firm is no different. Any company in want of more clients and an enhanced profile should be looking to its marketing team. Promoting a service or a brand- or in this case, both- takes time, effort, and consistency.

Legal marketing is even more pivotal to the success of a law firm, especially one specializing in elderly care lawyers or estate planning attorneys, and here are some of the reasons why.

Competition Is Fierce for Estate Planning Lawyers

First and foremost, there are a lot of hats in the ring in this industry. Accountants, financial planners, general attorneys, and others are also offering estate planning services, so standing out is a matter of survival.

Both Estate Planning and Elder Law Markets are Up

Marketing for estate planning has never been as vital as it is now. Interest is at an all-time high for eldercare lawyers and estate planning attorneys, having sky-rocket up 250% in the wake of the recent pandemic. With so many people looking for contacts in the business, visibility is key- and smart digital marketing can take it there. The industry is ripe for the picking, but why should they pick you?

The Target Audience Is Everywhere

Anyone could find themselves in need of an estate planning firm. The target audience, a.k.a. prospective clients, is all around, so a marketing strategy for this niche of a law practice must come from all angles.

When the market is everyone, it becomes harder to target your advances. Because of this, an estate planning law firm should focus on the things that appeal to the masses but find ways of narrowing the search (see lead generation).

Estate Planning Clients Often Brows

Estate planning is, in most cases, a non-urgent area of the law, meaning people are usually not in a hurry to reach out and start the ball rolling. People have the luxury of time to browse through their options and see what works best for them. Without legal local law firm marketing agencies and a solid digital strategy, an estate planning law firm is likely to fade into the background.

Marketing Tips for Estate Planning Law Firms

The following tips for estate planning attorney marketing are designed to help law firms boost their organic search traffic and, ultimately, their business.

Know Your Potential Clients

The most effective way to gain a new client is by knowing who they are. In essence, a law firm must tailor the client experience and profile of the business to match the desired target audience. Think about past clients and how they were brought on board. How did they think? What did they react to? What got their attention?

Lawyers should think about the profile of the person they are trying to reach and target their marketing towards them. Various aspects impact the client profile, including your base region and exact services offered.

Promote an Estate Planning Law Firm as the Best Option- and Make it Clear Why

Attorneys have an instant advantage over the majority of financial experts who offer estate planning consultations: law school. A law degree reassures many in their time of need that the person handling their case knows what they are doing and is sure to fight for the best income.

Estate planning lawyers must use integrity marketing to lift themselves up and promote what makes them the person for the job. Accountants know the numbers, yes, but attorneys know the law. Qualifying yourself as the best person to achieve the best result on behalf of the clients is central to estate planning marketing. What can a law firm do that an accountant or financial advisor cannot?

Know the Power of Lead Generation

A lead generation is an invaluable tool in any marketing campaign, including estate planning and elder care law. There are ways to find information that highlights potential clients and brings their details to a firm's attention.

Releasing free sharable content and resources such as e-books, video masterclasses, and downloadable info booklets puts a law firm in direct view of a client in need of assistance. Attorneys can use these leads to send targeted marketing documents and maximize the chances of beginning the relationship.

Marketing companies such as Phase Marketing can help estate planning firms to organize lead generation tools and get the ball rolling on the next stage of their campaigns.

Build a Solid Digital Marketing Strategy

In the 21st Century, digital marketing is essential to the success of any service-based organization. The answer lies with online marketing solutions that reach the widest possible audience in the shortest possible time. More people than ever before turn to the internet as the first port of call for any services they require- including attorneys.

There are plenty of digital marketing solutions an estate planning attorney could consider on their charge to find more clients. A combination of various channels is the best approach, but a marketing planner can help the company to tailor.

Include Email Marketing

Email marketing is not anything new. It has been around for years and is not going away. The reason it still features on this list is because of how undeniably effective it is for stirring up business. Using a professional marketing company, law firms can streamline their email communications to optimize visibility and keep track of what effect they are having.

Integrate automated emails and targeted communications based on the needs of the firm and the client. There are many new and creative ways to generate leads to enhance an email marketing campaign, as well as advanced software to track what is working when emails are opened, what is effective, and what needs to change.

Invest in Website Design

The difference a skilled web designer can make to a business is incomparable. Estate planning law firms, like any other company, rely on their website to be the first point of contact for the majority of clients. A great website has the power to win business, and a poor website has the power to shut an operation down completely.

Thinking about the clients' experiences when they visit a website. Is it user-friendly? Does it clearly convey a message? Is the law firm accurately and sufficiently represented to be the best it can be? An estate planning law firm should put the same emphasis on the importance of its website's homepage as it would the client lobby in its office premises.

Attract New Clients through Quality Content

The content must also shine. It is not enough to have an attractive top layer on a law firm website, there must also be value-adding informative content. Clients who are actively searching for an estate planning attorney want facts and figures and they want to know that a business listing is credible.

High-quality, varied content is a perfect way to show clients what a law firm has to offer and to hold interest long enough to secure new business. Blogs, videos, infographics, and e-books are all highly shareable content. Any free resource relevant to a law firm's practice areas, such as bankruptcy law or real-estate law, that it can provide not only benefits clients but also increases search volume and brand profile.

Gather More Traffic through Social Media

Creating a Facebook page or a business profile with any other social media platform is a very cost-effective way to enhance your online marketing strategy. Half the world's population uses social media, meaning there is no bigger audience to be found.

Social media marketing is the cheapest and fastest way to get a brand in front of a massive audience. With so many people using Facebook, or Twitter, or any number of other platforms every minute of the day, the opportunities to reach clients are ample.

The beauty of social media campaigns is their simplicity. They are both cost and time-effective and have a big impact on viewers. However, they should be extremely streamlined and able to grab attention immediately.

Setting up a legal team Facebook page, for example, is an excellent way t0 increase law firms' clients' bases and absorb as much of the estate planning market as possible.

Optimize SEO

A website is only as effective as its content and is only visible if the search engines highlight it. Search engine optimization is all about setting up a site's content to register highly on searches across all the leading search engines.

Keywords, backlinks, and other aspects of a website affect how high a ranking is set. The higher a site is ranked, the easier it is to find. Overhauling a site's content to fit the latest SEO requirements can be a big job, but it is worth the effort. Hiring an expert to revamp the content shared on a website is the best way to ensure a high score and an optimal ranking.

Use Google Ads

Google ads and paid search options are two highly effective ways of ensuring a site appears at the top of the search results. While search engine optimization helps increase a website's ranking with the leading search engines by utilizing keywords, layout, and other tools, but PPC ads add a new level.

Estate planning marketing experts can help law firms navigate the Google Ads waters and better understand how the bidding and pay-per-click setup works.

Actively Interact with Prospective Clients

The next level of marketing for estate planning, elder care, and probate law assistance is to get involved with the clients and engage with them. Because so much of being a lawyer is about earning the trust of the clients, transparency and open communication is an intelligent marketing card to play.

Answer Questions

Providing a platform for questions and answers is an excellent way to attract the interest of more clients. Reading the FAQs is a good start, but interaction is far more valuable. Hosting seminars for Q&As via the web or having an open channel for direct contact are two possible ways of doing this.

Comment on Estate Planning Topics

Being present and involved in ongoing topics helps law firms to remain a part of the conversation. Commenting on relevant posts and staying at the forefront of industry chat looks good to the search engines and helps to qualify a website as a relevant source.

Ensure Information is Readily Available to Potential Clients

Above all, ensuring clients (existing and prospective) have easy and immediate access to all the information they need is key. If someone is looking for an answer but cannot navigate their way to it with one law firm, they are likely to turn elsewhere.

As soon as competing provider supplies a better service, even if it just a simple question, they instantly take over in the race to secure the client.

Share Positive Reviews

Happy clients are valuable assets to an estate planning law firm. Online reviews can make or break a company's reputation, which is why the good ones matter. Keeping track of Google reviews and feedback on other trust websites is essential in a marketing campaign.

It is important to know what the general opinion is amongst those who have previously used a service for two reasons. First of all, seeking out positive comments and sharing them where potential clients can read them boost trust and reputation.

Additionally, it lets a law firm get out in front of any negative feedback, so it can rectify the errors and ensure the marketing campaign is not negatively affected.

Value Regional Marketing Opportunities

Success begins at home. Estate planning and elderly care attorneys should prioritize the local search. Setting up a free business listing with Google Business is an intelligent move. Increase the profile in the practice location to attract business and begin building referral relationships.

The digital realm is where a business, including an estate planning law firm, can grow and expand, but the foundation must be solid to support it. By sharing a business profile with all the relevant contact information, law firms can build a strong base in one area, which in turn helps boost SEO rankings.

Starting locally is not the weak approach. In fact, on the contrary, it is a highly intelligent and strategic move in an industry as crowded and competitive as estate planning law.

Talk to a Professional

Talk to a Professional

A marketing expert would not likely take on a legal case in court, so why should a law firm tackle a marketing plan? The best course of action for attorneys that want to propel forward their firm and their reputation is to reach out to a dedicated marketing firm.

At Phase Marketing, the approach to building a brand and driving forward the success of a company is professional, streamlined, and highly efficient. Every campaign is tailored perfectly to suit the desired outcome and reach the target audience.

From the initial consultation to final implementation and ongoing success tracking, every element is planned and controlled with exceptional attention to detail.

Estate Planning Law Firm Marketing Summary

In essence, estate planning marketing solutions are driven by the need to establish trust and differentiate one service from another. Before people share not only their personal information but their life and death arrangements with a law firm, they have to feel that everything is in the correct hands.

Digital marketing is a definite driving force for any law practice. The entire sales process begins with making sure a company is discoverable and attractive to browsing traffic. Balancing a regional presence with a far-reaching online marketing plan is the key to success for estate planning attorneys.

An estate planning attorney needs effective marketing to stand out from the crowd and be visible to the people who need them the most.


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