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Real Estate Lawyer Marketing

Legal marketing is challenging, and most attorneys have little or no experience with marketing for real estate attorneys. You must contend with the fact that the majority of your clients cannot seek you out or pay attention to you unless they have an urgent need for your skills.

At that precise moment, you must ensure that you and your services are being promoted in such a way that you are directly in front of them. It used to be that you could put out a banner, buy some space in your local telephone book's yellow pages, and then sit back and wait for your company to take off.

That isn't the case now. You must take an active role in building a brand and selling it to potential customers. Hiring marketing support to help you focus your marketing efforts on the real estate law specialty can be a good technique to help you optimize your marketing efforts. Additionally, hiring specialists to assist you to maximize the potential of your website and build additional law firm marketing techniques can pay off immensely for your client list.

Attracting, Engaging, and Connecting Your Firm to New Clients

Attracting, Engaging, and Connecting Your Firm to New Clients

While there are numerous real estate law marketing services available, Phase Marketing recognizes that your firm's needs and issues are unique. Phase Marketing and its SEO professionals specialize in developing innovative methods that can bring new clients to your real estate law company or practice.

Our experience marketing for real estate lawyers has provided us with the knowledge necessary to identify the best marketing approach for your real estate attorneys. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Getting the most out of search engine results is essential for potential customers to find you quickly.

Using a wide range of real estate legal search phrases and the most up-to-date SEO tactics, we can help you attain first-page visibility. Our professionals can increase the ability of your website to generate organic search engine traffic and possible client leads for your real estate attorneys. Web Presence: Attracting and motivating potential clients begins with a strong web presence.

Phase Marketing can evaluate your present site or create a brand new one from the ground up. We can increase your website visit conversion rate, resulting in more clients for your company, while also increasing the keywords that should attract new real estate clients to your doorstep.

Using our thorough knowledge of consumer engagement behavior, our professionals can help your real estate law company produce more referrals. With the strong data we can give, you can make the most out of every call and visit to your real estate law firm.

Your ability to measure the effects of your marketing activities is only as good as your capacity to track them, and we offer you the information you need to make sure your efforts are working and modify accordingly. Real estate customers can find you thanks to your custom-designed marketing plan, and you may know exactly how each customer wound up at your offices.

Establish a Referral mechanism

Prepare to talk about your referral system with everyone who might be able to suggest your company. Determine a reasonable reward for referrals that can serve as an incentive while remaining within your budget.

An achievement fee may be given after you have finished work for a suggested client. Calculate your own labor, software, hardware, and office overheads properly. Subtract this from the number of clients you have on a monthly basis. This should provide you with a good break-even point per client, as well as the ability to set a reasonable referral fee.

Once everything is in place, you may start networking with referral partners like agents, financial advisers, and accountants to build your network of connections. Consider who else could provide advice to your clients, especially during the critical stages of property buying and sale. Those are the people who might be willing to refer you.

Referral partners might also be customers. In a client newsletter, on your website, or in a flier or follow-up communication during the closure, including information about your referral program. Make the incentive obvious, as well as when it can be paid.

Choosing the Best Marketing Company

Our international staff have years of experience in converting clicks into calls and leads into clients for real estate law firms. You get access to our experts at all hours of the day and night, allowing you to make adjustments in real-time while leveraging the most up-to-date analytics.

Phase Marketing has one of the industry's highest customer satisfaction ratings. Our customers stick with us 96 percent of the time because they see the achievements we can deliver. Make Your Company Prominent.

Make Your Company Stand Out

Few marketing methods can deliver new clients to your real estate law practice more quickly or profitably than optimizing your search engine ranking. As a result, we've honed our skills in Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.

The environment of SEO is changing all the time, and we've learned a lot about how to rank higher on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines in only a few years. Our SEO strategy must evolve as the algorithms do. Phase Marketing's team of experts is always on the cutting edge of SEO technology.

We are constantly experimenting with new strategies and developing new tools to improve the SEO of your website. Additionally, we make sure to respect all applicable guidelines within the algorithms as Certified Google Partners, while nevertheless developing your website to enhance search engine results. Since we work with the algorithms rather than against them, your website can never be penalized by Google or other search engines for employing unethical techniques of traffic generation.

Attend the Closing

The seller's attorney frequently fails to appear at the closing, instead, send a closing agent or representative from the title firm that can benefit the company. This is a chance that has been missed. By attending the closing, you may spend more time with your clients face-to-face, deepening your relationship and demonstrating that you care about this significant life event. People suggest attorneys to those that they trust. By building connections at this point in the process, you are able to ask for a referral or review without appearing deceitful.

Give Your Client a Thank-you Gift

In a similar manner, showing up with a thank you present demonstrates that you actually care about your client's major milestone and can serve as a subtle, long-term reminder of your participation in the process.

A bottle of champagne, a housewarming gift, or a supper at a nearby restaurant in their new neighborhood are all good options for gifts.

Request a Review

Having someone else sell your services for you is the best method to sell them. The most reliable strategy to obtain new work is to convert your clients into evangelists for your work. That's why so many travelers trust review sites; reviews are thought to be more trustworthy than advertisements, no matter how flashy or costly they are.

The importance of timing cannot be overstated. Request a review when your client is most satisfied with you, which is just after you close. Make it simple for them to post a review by sending them a link to your Google company page or another review page with directions on how to do so.

Create an Evergreen Website with In-depth Content

A quality website is essential whether you're using an internet marketing strategy or focused on referrals.

Stocking out your website with organized information about yourself, your services, and the kinds of real estate legal situations you assist can help you enhance traffic and engagement. If you're using SEO as part of your marketing strategy, each new page of valuable content you create boosts your online search exposure and increases your visibility potential.

It can help referrals who visit your site affirm your skills and ability to serve them, leading to increased sales, if you're concentrating on referrals and other kinds of marketing your legal practice, whether it be estate planning law or tax law.

By creating a strong foundation of resources for the many types of services and real estate legal concerns you can attract new clients.

You can write on a variety of themes, including:

  • Purchase & Sale Agreements

  • Commercial Purchases

  • Commercial Leases

  • Landlord-Tenant disputes

This list of subjects is a sample of what your website's material manifest might look like, although it is by no means complete. Each of the topics listed above should, in theory, have its own page dedicated to it. Every individual page can have FAQs that improve the page's and, as a result, the visitor's experience on your site.

Expand Your Network and Audience, the Internet and Social Media

In today's world, social media is a fantastic tool to grow a business. You may establish a distinct strategy and technique depending on the sort of network you utilize (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.).

  • LinkedIn, for example, is a business-focused social media platform aimed mostly at professionals.

  • This is a great method to expand your referral network and build ties with other realtors and attorneys.

  • To drive more traffic, provide them with free information in the form of tips, share articles with your analysis and thoughts, broadcast updates on what you're working on, invite them to your events, and post your blogs and articles.

Using social media as a business networking tool can also be beneficial for cultivating your contacts in a more automatic and publicized way. This can help you stay top-of-mind with essential business contacts and, as a result, boost your word-of-mouth.


When potential customers are looking for a real estate lawyer, one of the first things they can do is conduct an online search. They are unlikely to locate you if your real estate legal website does not appear on the first page or pages of their search.

You must make your website more SEO-friendly in order to maintain your position as the top-ranked search in your area. Using basic but vital SEO tactics, you can improve your real estate legal website to enhance traffic to your business and your healthcare marketing efforts.

Ensure Your Site Is Mobile-friendly

It is a serious problem if your website is broken. The homepage of your real estate law company is the nerve core of your sales and marketing activities. People who need a real estate lawyer aren't jotting numbers down from a billboard advertisement — they're doing hours of research and/or making major decisions according to what they find.

Given that smartphones and tablets now account for more than half of all internet searches, the mobile experience must be smooth and quick. Your visitors would not hesitate to seek out a lawyer with a premium website if there are downloading or layout issues.

Use Content to Entice Potential Customers to Return to Your Site

Use Content to Entice Potential Customers to Return to Your Site

When it comes to effective real estate marketing techniques in 2021 and beyond, content reigns supreme. Customers enjoy interacting with the brands and companies with which they do business, and real estate law is no exception. Is there a blog part on your website that educates people on key topics and is both useful and engaging? Have you tried contributing articles to industry publications, local magazines, or even your LinkedIn profile as a guest contributor?

Make an Effort to Obtain Referrals

Because real estate law is dependent on relationships, one successful marketing technique for real estate attorneys is to ask current customers and others with whom you have worked for referrals. You may have to work hard to acquire references; they don't come to you naturally.

Examine your present client list as the initial step in this approach. These people are already conducting business with your real estate agency. Are there any other ways your real estate lawyers could help these new clients? When was the last time a member of your staff spoke with each client to assess their current needs?


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